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dance artist

Originally from Berlin I studied dance in the Netherlands where I graduated from Artez University of the Arts with a bachelor in dance/maker. During my last year of study I started working at Bern Ballet, in Switzerland, under the direction of Estefania MIranda, for 4 years. Since August 2017 I am part of the ensemble at Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch where I perform numerous repertoire pieces of Pina Bausch as well as being part of the companies

new creations.

I have had the pleasure to work with choreographers such as Dimitris Papaioannou, Boris Charmatz, Felix Landerer, Club Guy and Roni, Rainer Behr, Yumin Yang, Amos Ben-Tal, Jeori Dubbe, Overhead Project, Etienne Bèchard, a.o.


In addition to that I am part of the Circle of Guides at the Artez bachelor of dance program mentoring 4th year graduates while they are entering the professional industry. Furthermore I am a faculty member at the Dance Italia Summer Intensive and team-member at dancersconnect - a movement of engaged artists envisioning and creating the future of dance.

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