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Milan Nowoitnick Kampfer Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch fine art photographer
photo Claudia Kempf

As a self-taught photographer, I am captivated by landscapes and enjoy capturing their various aspects and the connected outdoor experience. Photography provides the perfect contrast to the world of theater and its constant self-involvement as a performer. Since joining Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch, I have had the great opportunity to photograph the company's pieces when I am not on stage, which has inspired me to incorporate the human body and motion into my photographic work.

I find that theater and photography share an inspirational commonality in the way they create atmospheres through live motion or a captured moment in time. They serve as tools to trigger our own imagination and open doors to somewhere else, somewhere between the lines perhaps.


2. - 4 DEC 2022

RAVE & MORE | group exhibition with Daniele Pennetta and hildegArt | Freies Künstler:innen Kollektiv @fkk_wtal | Luisenstr. 73, Wuppertal, Germany

25. - 27 NOV 2022 

RAVE teaser exhibition | group exhibition with 3 Point, Django Linsensuppe, Lilia Haase, Baris Güntekin and Sophie Miserabels | Live DJ's Sophie Daria, Jan Kreienkamp and Rashid Heyrati | Freies Künstler:innen Kollektiv @fkk_wtal | Luisenstr. 73, Wuppertal, Germany

24. SEP 2022 - 24. FEB 2023

RAVE | installation and exhibition as part of 'moving spaces' | Tanzstation Barmer Bahnhof | Wuppertal, Germany

20. FEB 2022

Teaser Exhibition RAVE | for the opening of cowerk18 | Alarichstraße 18, 42281 Wuppertal 

15. FEB - End MARCH 2019

motionartfilm - Film im öffentlichem Raum | Luisenstr.118 | Uellendahler Str.353 | Am Cleef 40-42 | ab Dunkelheit 22h

19. JAN - 02. MARCH 2019

Captures of Fullmoon - A piece by Pina Bausch, at GALERIA AUTORIA Porto, Portugal

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